The Garden Gallery

Want to see more? Feel inspired by viewing our Gallery of Gardens Below!

Screening and Planted Pathway
Slatted Screening, Artificial Turf, Granite Paving
Stone And Cedar Clad, Play Area
Sunken Sandstone Patio, Sleepers
Stone Cladding, Cedar, Sandstone
Pergola, Seating Area, Sandstone
Composite Deck, Pergola, Artificial Turf, Hot Tub
Sandstone Patio
Pergola and Sandstone
Balustrade and Stone Clad
Bespoke Steps and Rail
Pergola, Composite Decking, Artificial Turf
Stone and Cedar
Pergola and Seating
Pergola, Hot Tub, Screening
White Porcelain
Sandstone Patio
Sandstone Patio
White Porcelain
Shed, York Mix Sandstone
Pergola, Sandstone
Rustic Porcelain
Sandstone Patio
Black Slate
Rustic Porcelain
White Porcelain, Modern
Cedar, Railway Sleepers, Bespoke
Vanilla, Sawn Sandstone
Pleaced Trees, Artificial Turf, Granite Paving
Composite Decking, Screening, Pergola
Rustic Cobbles, Railway Sleepers
Stile Moda Porcelain
Sandstone Patio
Sandstone Pathway
Sandstone Paving
York Paving, Archway