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So, you've had your dream garden built and it looks great! But winter arrives and moss appears, plants die back and your unsure what to prune and when. You might be left wondering, okay so how I keep it looking like this?


A garden is outside, and will weather and age. But what is the point in going through the designing and building process and then not keeping your garden looking its' best?


Maintaining and caring for your garden is an important part of landscaping and garden design, which is why we offer a maintenance and aftercare package, to keep your garden looking it's best.

Once we've packed away our jet wash on the last day of construction we'll explain to you how to maintain and care for your garden. If you would rather a stress-free process and decide you don't want to do that yourself, you can make use of one of our aftercare packages.

These may inlcude;


Replacing grout

Maintaining water features

Maintaining planting

Treating woodwork

Painting and touch ups

General Maintenance

By choosing to regularly look after your garden you are protecting your investment and keeping your garden looking great. No more stress, no more confusion, Larissa James will care and maintain for your garden long after we're gone.