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Our Story

"What do you mean you've never seen GroundForce?!"


When James said that to me, little did I know what our future had in store for us.

Two bright eyed and bushy tailed twenty somethings, with big ideas to change the world, one garden at a time.

Long story short, that was how 'Larissa James' manifested, a purpose that we are still proud to say sits at the heart and soul of our company.

We certainly won't be twenty-somethings forever,  and so our team is growing to help us transform more gardens (and save our backs and knees!).

We are keen for our Larissa James work family to share our passion and outlook, and so we pick our team carefully to make sure they share the same values and ethics as us. We have trained our skilled team to our own high standards. These are all key components to creating the beautiful outdoor spaces that we do.

As Larissa James we are sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to design, create, build, and transform so many outdoor spaces, and we look forward to the gardens waiting for their potential to be unlocked by us.

Every garden is important to us, we live and breathe every project we do, proud that we can provide you with something that will change your life.

Your garden deserves the love, care and attention as if it were our own.

We become close friends with many of our clients, and we can only hope that you'll join them.

Speak soon,

Larissa and James

Proud Directors of Larissa James Landscaping & Garden Design